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brake noise `06 sonata HELP hyundai tech!!!

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(Msg. 1) Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2006 4:14 pm
Post subject: brake noise `06 sonata HELP hyundai tech!!!

has anyone experienced this, im getting a high pitch metallic squeal only when backing.mainly out the driveway ofcourse.with either light or fairly firm pressure on pedal,doesnt do this in drive that ive noticed. goes away after a couple minutes or applications of brake.but it does return after car sits a few hrs or less.ive delt w/brake squeal before,seems diff. somehow,more metallic.an most noticable backing?i have done a few emergency stops a wk or so ago i think it went away for a day or two but came right back.by the way this 06 was bought used w/2400 mi showing now has around 4200 mi.has done this from day i bought it.gonna do the hard stops a few more times to make sure it went away afterwords.almost sounds like a antirattle clip has slipped out into rotor.but wont do it all times.hey hyundai tech will the dealer look at this under warranty in first 12/12 with me being second owner? all input appreciated. this is a gls v6 if it matters.driving me nuts! New Note:backing out today,barely touched brake then released it, still was making that sgueal.wondering if a caliper isnt trying to stick.no heavy marks noted on outside of rotor.one thin shiny spot on rt.outer.dont know about inner.felt inner side w/my hand,feels good.

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